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The death of someone we know and love is always a difficult time and grief is a natural response.  There are no easy answers.


Each person experiences it in a very personal way.  We simply become acutely aware that we have lost someone precious in this life.  Anger, numbness, confusion are often some of the feelings associated with grief.  At these times, the Church can provide you with a safe haven, a breathing space and a Priest willing to be there for you so that you can work through what has happened, what is happening and offering the possibility of hope not just for the person who has died but for those who remain behind.


We will be there to support you every step of the way.  We can help with making funeral arrangements, organising what you want to happen and conducting the service.


If you have recently experienced a death, you might also want someone who is simply willing to listen and walk with you at this time.  No one can experience your grief, but we can and will listen.


Call us – we’re here for you.

Arranging a Funeral

In the first instance, please contact us; our Parish number is 01803 607709 .  You will also need to contact a funeral director to make the practical arrangements.

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